We are rapidly getting close to completion of this guest bathroom, so I thought it would be a good time to post a progress update.  When it came to the design plan for this project, my clients were very concerned with the resale value of their home.  They decided that the house is an investment and they were not going to be living there more than a couple years, so the overall style of all the rooms needed to appeal to the majority of buyers.  I also wanted it to reflect the subtle mid-century architecture of the home, so I chose very classic finishes like walnut for the custom vanity, carerra marble for the countertop and tub surface, and chrome for the fixtures.  


The existing bathroom had basically no style, (unless ugly is considered a style.)  It was pretty generic, the materials were cheap, and looked very dated. Everything in the room needed to go so that we could start with a blank slate, but the floorplan was functional so we kept the sink, tub, and toilet in their existing places.  


Once the room was gutted, the contractor framed out the new tub, prepped for new shower fixtures, installed new handmade ceramic subway tile and floor tile.  

The contractor also custom built the vanity out of American walnut wood.  We needed to have a custom made vanity because of the angle of the wall, (which isn't really visible here but trust me it's a wonky angle).  The different size windows bothers the crap out of me, but ultimately we decided to leave them the way they are because of budget.  I tried really hard to change them but sadly lost that battle.  

That floor though.....

I wish I had worn cooler shoes that day, but still needed to snap a photo of that floor! I love the chevron pattern and the subtle variation of color.  It really adds the perfect amount of interest to the space, while still keeping the timeless vibe we were going for.  

Stay tuned for the finished bathroom photos.  I'll be posting the complete house tour very soon!

all photos and drawings by Meadow at Dusk.