My good friend turned 40 yesterday and he loves a theme party.  Since the party was going to be a surprise, I racked my brain for weeks to come up with a clever theme, but nothing was really jumping out at me. Last week I stopped by his place and it must have been laundry day because on his porch were about 15 t-shirts, all hanging on a clothesline.  I found this totally hilarious, and it hit me- that's the theme! I've also never seen him wear anything but his black Converse sneakers, so I knew that had to be a part of the decor somehow.  Voila, a t-shirt and Chucks themed 40th birthday party!

For the Converse sneakers, I used black and white foam sheets from the craft store, some white pipe cleaners for the laces, and silver jewelry rings for the eyelets.  The details were a bit trickier- since the shoe is only 2 dimensional, I needed something to define the sole and the white tip, and I discovered that black architectural tape did the trick.  It comes in a few different widths and is available at the craft store and office supply stores.  You can download the template I used for the sneakers here.

The guest of honor's favorite dessert is cheesecake, and this one turned out so well.  It was perfectly moist and had a super thick graham cracker crust.  We served it with a warm lemon and blueberry compote.  Those candles were a great find at Party City.

The gold fringe and balloons were a nice accent with all the black and white.  The t-shirts I used ended up being part of his present and the sneakers were a huge hit with the guests.  Everyone wanted to take them home with them!