Furniture Delivery Day is always an exciting day for me, but it's also usually a pretty stressful day as well.  It's a lot like the day a bride goes in for her first wedding dress fitting after months and months of anticipation and "oh my god i can't remember what it looks like what if I hate it?!?" moments.  When I take my clients furniture shopping and we decide on a piece, I love that Say Yes To The Dress type of reaction, but because quality furniture usually takes several months to produce, there's always the fear that 4 to 5 months later they won't have the same response.  In this case, my clients were ecstatic with all of the furniture, so I can stop having nightmares about it. (thank god)  

Sources:  Sofa: Tribeca Sofa from Poliform  //  Black Chair: Santa Monica Armchair from Poliform  //  Chartreuse Chair:  Santa Monica Lounge Chair from Poliform  //  Rug:  Custom from Atlas Weavers