The Modern Mailbox


I've recently been on the hunt for the perfect modern mailbox to suit our new house, and I was surprised to see that there aren't as many great options as I would have hoped.  Oddly enough, the same five or six designs kept popping up in all of my searches.  I did narrow my search down to a few but I haven't quite made my decision yet.  I want to be certain when I do because all of the options run around $200 and up!  Here are the mailboxes that have made my top 5 list:

Mailbox by 2213  $200 

Stylish, durable, and uncomplicated.  Made of powder coated steel and available in 5 color options.  Also available with a mailbox post.

The Green Mailbox 

Smart and stylish.  Designed by Marcial Ahsayane, this one has a special shelf that holds a flower pot. A special notch in the “roof” is folded into a v-shape so that rainwater can run off and irrigate the plant.


The Gibson Mailbox $275

Attractive and hard-wearing.  The Gibson mailbox is Made by Steel House Manufacturing and is available with custom address numbers and is hand crafted from heavy-gauge steel The box is made from bare steel and will develop a deep brown rust patina over time if left untreated. It's $275, which includes the cutting of up to four numbers in a choice of one of five fonts.


Envelope Mailbox by HouseArt   $250+

Clever  and simple. This wall-mount envelope style mailbox  is the original No.10 Letterbox, designed by Mark Naden. Available in 9 different finishes, including Miami Mango and Bougainvillea Pink! 

No. 10 HouseArt Modern Envelope Mailbox in Key Lime Chartreuse.jpg

Arko Letterbox  $296+

Retro and cool.  This one unfortunately looks like it is only available in Australia at the moment.  Available in 5 different colors.  


Teak and Stainless Steel Mailbox  $310

Beautiful and functional.  Made by CeCe Works via Etsy.  The solid teak gives this mailbox a warm look. Available in stainless steel, or white or black powder coated steel.