Now that I've gotten the ball rolling with my first piece of real art,  I think its time to tackle the rest of the blank white walls in the house.  Lately I've been doing a lot of searching for art, and I stumbled across MINTED's limited edition prints.  They have a wonderful selection of prints from independent artists available in multiple sizes, colors, and frame choices in a variety of styles ranging from abstract to photography and anything in between. I love that you can curate your own art wall to see how your favorite prints look framed and hung together.  Art is a tough but crucial part of any room, and Minted is a great source for quality prints. Plus it's always nice to support independent artists.  Have you checked out Minted yet?  Which prints do you like best?

Here are a few of my favorites:


1.  Jazz Duet #2 // 2.   Striped Suit //  3.  Hovering Union  // 4. The Drive  // 5.  Rooftops of Paris

I love this photo because it was taken on the beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where my husband and I met.  This would look so beautiful in our bedroom.  

   WILD & FREE   with wood frame

WILD & FREE with wood frame


1.  Staredown  // 2. A Long Week in the City //   3.  Slot Canyon 1  // 4.  California Dreams  // 5. Tributary on the Coast 

By the way... Minted recently launched a new blog, JULEP!  (Oh how I love a good cocktail pun!) Chock full of design and DIY inspiration, JULEP is a fun new site that's got endless pin-worthy photos and projects.  Lots to love there.  You can check out the full blog here.