Looking for a great holiday craft this season?  These DIY ornaments really couldn't be easier or more beautiful.  Seriously, no glue required!  All you need are some styrofoam balls from the craft store (I used 2 inch and 3 inch balls), thumbtacks or sequins, straight pins, and some twine or string for hanging. 

These are pretty much self-explanatory, although there are lots of variations when it comes to what you cover the styrofoam with.  You can use the brass thumbtacks or the silver ones you can find at office supply stores, covering as much of the styrofoam ball as possible.  I should warn you tough, these get pretty heavy when you add that many tacks, so you may want to glue in the ribbon or twine you use to hang them so that the weight of the ornament doesn't pull the twine right out.  (Okay fine, almost no glue required.)   You can also switch it up and use sequins if you're feeling flashy.  Just do the same method of covering but se straight pins to attach them.  Layer them up, use different colors, make stripes... just go crazy!  See?! Told you they were easy!