Removable Tiles: A Renter's Prayers Have Been Answered!


I've spent a very long time as a renter in the past just wishing that I could do something to beautify ugly kitchen tiles, change that horrible bathroom floor, or just generally hide the bad design decisions of someone from the 70's.  My husband always thought I was crazy wanting to put money in to a rental on something so permanent as wall or floor tiles.  If only there had been a solution such as these removable wall & floor tiles from Moonish!  At long last, someone has come up with a great way to add style, pattern, and color without the burden of commitment and labor.  These tiles are made of marine grade plywood and are easy to install without glue or grout.  The best part is you can rearrange them to make alternate designs, and you can take them with you when you move.  They run about $256 per box, and each box will cover about 9 square feet.  Renters everywhere rejoice!

Check out the full collection here.  


images via Moonish.