MAD ABOUT: Wave Wam TeePees


Well my friends, it seems we are in the midst of a teepee trend.  I guess with the popularity of Glamping, and Kate Moss' wedding last year, teepees have become the latest hipster craze. It seems like everywhere I look people are using teepees as play forts in kids rooms, personal houses for their pets, and kicking back in them at music festivals.  There are even "hotels" where you can spend the night in one.  Whether you can get on board with the trend or not, there's no mistaking that teepees are definitely in right now. My husband just might be the biggest advocate for teepee living. He is convinced that we need one in our backyard immediately.  According to him, who needs a guest room when you can have a teepee? I'm not ready to give up on the spare room just yet, but I do appreciate the wonderful ambiance that a teepee creates. Have you ever been in an authentic Native American teepee?  They are pretty remarkable structures.  There is something so beautiful about being inside that cone shape that makes you feel sheltered, protected and calm.  Throw in some beautiful Navajo textiles and a cow hide rug and I'm sold.  

Wave Wam is a brand new product just launched by my friend Stefan Wigand, who created a collapsable version of these shelters, inspired by an old friend's DIY teepee he would bring to beach. The Wave Wamโ€”as they call itโ€”is "perfect for changing, stashing all your stuff, hiding a dog named Hector from the lifeguards and keeping out of the sun during those long surf days," according to Stefan. "Not to mention, it is a nice babe magnet." Can't argue there, buddy.

Made in California of 10oz cotton canvas, the teepee stands about 6 feet tall once assembled and fits about 2-3 people comfortably.  It is supported by collapsible bamboo and aluminum poles and once broken down can be carried in a separate canvas bag. You can read more about Wave Wam and buy your own here.

all images via INDOEK