An Anthropologie Bedroom 3 Ways

I thought it would be a fun challenge to come up with a fun bedroom design using only furniture and accessories from Anthropologie.  With so many pieces to choose from, the possibilities are endless, and once I got started one look quickly turned into three because I couldn't narrow my choices down.  Here are my top 3 collections.  Which one is your favorite? 


Look #1 was designed around that gorgeous Woodland Slumber Canopy Bed in a washed grey wood finish that is so up my alley.  I was happily surprised to find something so streamlined at Anthropologie, as their furniture usually has a bit more flair or rustic detailing. The rest of the pieces we selected to achieve a soft gray palate with a few pops of color here and there.  This room to me would feel warm and cozy yet understated.


Look #2 is a little bit mid century, a little bit country, a little bit whimsical.  I loved the lines of the Hanne Checked armchair and Bluhm credenza so much, but thought it would be fun to mix in the lines of that gorgeous headboard on the Regency Bed.  I like how all the pieces in this look relate to each other either in color and tone, or in style and lines... and throw in a zebra head for good measure. 


Look #3 I would say is the most classic Anthropologie in style, with lots of texture and details.  I am majorly obsessed with that Sisu Nightstand.  So gorgeous.  For some reason I keep calling this room Aviary Paradise because I love the bird references throughout.  Even the Twin Beacons floor lamp reminds me of an elegant crane or something. I wanted this room to feel soft and feminine with a touch of glamour.  I mean, who doesn't want to wake up to a Flamingo Bust on their wall every day?  Don't answer that question.