DIY Cake Banners


Today is my husband's birthday and since he's my favorite person on the planet, I thought I'd bake him a cake.  We've been on a gluten-free kick lately so that poses a bit of a challenge, but I think he's worth it.  When it comes to gluten free cakes, I don't really trust the from-scratch recipes, so I took the safe route and used a mix from Whole Foods.  What can I say, I'm no Martha. But what I definitely can do homemade is the decorations.  Don't you just love a homemade cake topper? I couldn't decide which type of banner I liked most, so I went ahead and made both.  Which one is your favorite?


DIY Birthday Cake Topper Banners

I used whatever was laying around the house for both of these, but if you don't have an insanely large collection of random craft supplies like I do, you'll need to make a trip to the craft store.  Here's what you need for the Happy Birthday Bunting Banner:  

  • decorative paper
  • ribbon  
  • glue stick
  • tape
  • grilling skewers (also lollipop sticks work too)
  • bakers twine or string
  • black fine tip marker

Download the bunting banner template here and print it out on a sheet of decorative paper.  Cut out each little triangle flag along the lines and fold in half.  Using the bakers twine, attach each flag and apply the glue stick on the back to secure.  Then tie the twine to the top of each stick.  For the finishing touch, tie some ribbon around the stick.

And here's what you'll need for the Congrats  / Happy Birthday Swag Banner :

  • white cardstock (or color of your choice)
  • bakers twine
  • tape
  • grilling skewers or lollipop sticks
  • decorative felt balls (mine were from Anthropologie) 

Download the banner template here and print it out on the cardstock.  Cut the banner out and secure to the sticks with a piece of tape on the back.  Take an 8" piece of bakers twine and attach 3 of the felt balls by tying a knot. You can space them out however you like. Repeat for the other side.  Fasten each one to the back of the stick with tape.  Voila!

The matching cake plate shown here was a last minute decision once I realized my beautiful glass cake stand was buried somewhere deep in storage.  I improvised by cutting a 13" circle out of cardboard and covered with wrapping paper.  It's that easy.