Happy Mother's Day


This gorgeous woman is my mother.  She's carrying my brother Daniel when he was about a year old.  My mom never likes being the center of attention, but I wanted to share this because I think she deserves to be recognized for the incredible woman that she is.  All that I am is because of my mother. She inspires me to be a better wife,  daughter and sister. She's always been there to guide me down the right path, pick me up when I fall, to celebrate my triumphs and successes, and comfort me when things didn't go my way.  She always encouraged me to work hard and never give up on the things that made me happy.  She is the kind of mother I hope to be one day.  Happy Mother's Day to you, Mom, and to all the women who nurture and care for someone in the way that only moms can.  

If you've waited until the last minute and still need a gift idea for Mom, try sending her one of the unique finds below.  Though it won't arrive in time, her gift will be so beautiful she'll forget that it's late!