Handmade Concrete clocks by LeeLAB Studio

LeeLABS is the architecturally- based design studio which produces Para Clocks.  These unique concrete clocks are inspired by the radial geometry of centuries past, and combine the raw beauty of concrete with a digitally derived structure. Para Clocks are handcrafted with high strength concrete.  The inspiration for these clocks comes from radial geometry and symmetry found in architecture and textiles from cultures around the world.  Designed using parametric software, these gorgeous clocks can be created into many variations of radial patterns. 


Para Clocks are available in 9 different colors and 3 sizes.  The design process is about playing with the parameters of overlapping and curling concrete curves, and has been made accessible through an app on their website.

The hands and mechanism are made in the USA, along with the various additives in the cement mix.  The result is a beautiful and geometrically sophisticated wall clock.


To find out more about Para Clocks, visit the LeeLAB website here.  To purchase, you can visit their online shop here, or their Etsy shop here