Wait, it's Christmas?


I've been so busy lately I can't believe it is almost Christmas and I have yet to post about my most favorite possession in life- my Christmas tree!  I've had the same one since 1998 (yes, a fakie!) when I wanted to put up a tree in my dorm room at college.  I decided a 7 foot Christmas tree is exactly what my 12'x8' room needed and it was probably the best purchase I've made to date.  This tree has since traveled with me to every place I've lived, and that includes 9 different apartments and houses in 4 different states. No easy feat when you're dealing with the notoriously small closets and general lack of storage in LA.  At one point very recently this tree spent the off season in the back of my husband's Volvo wagon.  Not it's finest moment, but I'm proud to say this baby is now looking better than ever in my very own living room.  Spending this Christmas with my husband in our new home makes me feel so much joy and I'm so grateful to be where we are right now.  I love looking back at all the places I've been and the little things I look forward to every year.  What are your holiday traditions?