Getting Inspired with a Digital Disconnect


This new house is too empty and I need to do something about it asap so I'm spending my Friday afternoon on my dining room floor digging through my folder of inspiration images.  I've got tons of pages of old magazines and catalogs to go through- most of which I've stashed away for years now, just waiting for time when I got to design my "dream house".  Well, the time is now, although it's actually more like "starter house" and all my big amazing design ideas are WAY over my measly I-Have-A-Mortgage-Now budget.  It will be a fun challenge for me to achieve the look of a big budget project like I'm used to without making my husband want to pass out when he sees the price tags. It's nice to take a digital break for a change and thumb through real articles instead of thousands of images on a computer screen. Don't get me wrong, I love Pinterest as much as humanly possible, but sometimes a girl needs a break.  It's also fun to take a second look and the things I've saved, see how my taste has changed over the years, and what still speaks to me after all this time.  

Here are some of the clippings that are really getting my creative juices flowing:

  • Amy Kehoe's Silverlake duplex shared with business partner Todd Nickey. I just love this design duo! This article is from Domino Magazine's "Best Room" edition from December 2012.  You can't really find it online (surprisingly) but I did find some scans of the article on Nickey Kehoe's website here.  
  • Loft in Warsaw with multifunctional furniture from Dwell Magazine's November 2012 issue.  I'm a bit thankful I no longer have to live in a "transformer house", you know, the kind where you have to move this, fold open that, just to have dinner at your kitchen table.  But this house is pretty sweet and the fact that everything is custom made is rather impressive.  See the full article here.
  •  "Quito Parts" from Dwell Magazine Dec/Jan 2013.  This is the "pimento house" project by Jose Maria Saez, and I remember when I first saw this article I wanted to go to Ecuador and see the house for myself.  I love the way he joined each of the modular structures with concrete forms and that gorgeous shot of the exterior.  See the full article here
  • Fashion designer Jenni Kayne's home in Beverly Hills from the September 2013 issue of Lonny Magazine.  See the full article here.  
  • This one is from House Beautiful, from when I have no idea.  It's a lovely feature on a West Hollywood home by Mark Egerstrom that's full of beautiful walnut wood and natural light.  Give me both of those in any space and I'm a happy girl. You can see the full article here.  
Alive & Kicking_House Beautiful_Naturally Modern 1 combined.jpg