Change Day! 10 things I need right now


When my husband goes out of town it is extremely hard for me not to go on wild shopping sprees and buy new everything for the house.  As soon as his suitcase leaves the front proch, my first instinct is to look around the house and say "Ooooh, what can I get away with replacing before he gets back?"  He calls them "Change Days" and usually there is a rather large does of negativity in his voice when he says the words. As in, "Oh great, Ashley pulled another Change Day and now we can't afford to eat for a month."  Deep down I think he secret loves Change Days because he gets to come home to a clean house and a happy wife.  While the hubby is in San Francisco this week, here are 10 things I think might be on my Change Day agenda.

1. Wood Veneered pendant lights $40   //   2. Elixir bottle $45  //   3. White dipped spoons $10.00   //   4. Handwoven wall hanging $80  //    5. Black clay dinnerware $4.95  //    6. Linen sheets $209  //  7. Condor chair $240  //  8. Cake pedestal $14.95  //  9.  pillow $115   //  10. Spa Stripe towels $24