Take me back to Sundance

I just got home to LA after spending 5 days at the Sundance Film Festival.  Jeez Louise was it cold. I'm the one who shivers when it's below 75 degrees here in Venice.  I packed 58 pounds worth of sweaters, jackets, boots, and gloves but it really didn't seem to matter.  12 below zero always wins.  Anyway, Sundance was full of energy, style, and tons of hipster Hollywood types who flocked to town to party it up, score some free swag, and talk about movies they were too cool to see.  My husband and I were amongst those who actually saw a lot of the films, so when we weren't in a theater we stayed in a log cabin drinking whiskey and cider trying to keep warm.  I didn't know this about myself, but I dig a log cabin.  It was so cozy and rustic.  All that wood almost tricks your brain into thinking you're not cold.  If you don't live in a log cabin, you can recreate the feel with a whole lot of wood, a whole lot of leather, and just the right amount of antlers.  Have fun.

1. Resin Giselle horns  //  2.  Buffalo print  //  3. Faux Antler Chandelier  //  4. Tribecca Sofa  //  5. Cotswald Sofa  //  5. Divan club chair  //  7.  Southwestern pillows  //  8. Bubble table lamp  //  9. Walnut Stick table  //  10. Natural cow hide  //  11. Wooly throw